Exclusive, Exquisite, House of Holst

What really sets House of Holst apart is our eye, a taste for the unusual and how centuries gone can create a timeless style today. Owner Annemie Holst uses her design background to repurpose antique pieces into one-of-a-kind creations – perhaps a belt-buckle into the centrepiece of a striking necklace or a brooch into a knockout ring. With two master jewellers using the precision and passion of years gone by to bring these creations to life, as well as other new pieces, you’re sure to find something memorable at House of Holst.

Whether you want to become the new custodian of a Georgian gem or create a new history with a unique, contemporary piece, House of Holst is your destination.

House of Holst something new, something old, and something handmade. After 33 years in the iconic Queen Victoria Building trading as Martin and Stein Antiques we have moved and changed our name. House of Holst will continue to show case exquisite Antique Jewellery and will also be offering its own collection of handmade and new jewellery. Come and visit us in our new location at the iconic Chifley Plaza Sydney and be treated to fabulous eye candy, great service and add that special piece of jewellery to your collection.