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Are Vintage Engagement Rings Still Popular or in Trends?

Are Vintage Engagement Rings Still Popular or in Trends?

This is a question we seem to get a lot, do vintage engagement rings fall out of trends? Are they still popular? Our answer to this is NO and YES. Because of their timeless beauty, vintage engagement rings have and always will be popular. Due to antiques and vintage style items generally being passed down from generation to generation within families, they have been historically more difficult to come by. 

Good news for our shoppers, these engagement rings have now become easier to acquire due to the demand and amount of online resources you can currently find. Take House of Holst for example, our full display of vintage engagement rings are displayed online as we make the transformation to the digital world. Ensuring our clients can peruse through a vast range of options at the comfort of their home is our number one priority. 

There are a number of reasons why vintage engagement rings remain prominent in our eyes, we list these below. 

Vintage Style Engagement Ring

Unique Look

The antique engagement ring is a desirable option for one simple reason you won’t find on a lot of modern styles, a unique look that can’t be recreated. 

Vintage rings are characterised by the time in which they were constructed, with glittering embellishments, breathtaking artisan scrollwork, you’ll be wearing a statement piece to any high class event. 

Timeless Style

Vintage engagement rings have one of the most desirable options when it comes to confessing your ever-lasting love. This is due to these styles possessing a timeless look that will never fall out of trend.

Considering what an engagement ring stands for, and the wear that this ring will go through, it is imperative to choose something that will not fall out of fashion and is one of the most important factors when choosing a ring.

Glits & Glamour

The antique style not only has a timeless style and unique aesthetic, it adds a certain flair, reminding us of the glamorous times of the past. 

When you think of a vintage engagement ring, you think insane Great Gatsby parties and old school glamour ball vibes. Engagement rings should always bring forth a certain feeling, with this style, why not encompass the true feeling of glamour. 

Vintage Engagement Rings

Do antique engagement rings feel like the right option for your partner? Click here to look through our online listings. Can’t find what you are looking for? Don’t fret! Contact the team at House of Holst today and let us help you match the right option to your special someone’s style.


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