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House of Holst has the finest range of antique and bespoke jewellery in Sydney, Australia. Previously trading as Martin & Stein Antiques since 1972. We have put together a collection of the finest antique, bespoke and new jewellery. Visitors to House of Holst will marvel at the diversity and range of antique handmade and bespoke jewellery. We are proud to bring you a collection of up cycled jewellery by remodelling the old to embrace our current lifestyle . 


Antique and vintage jewellery showcases the highest level of workmanship and individuality, with all pieces made by hand from materials that age beautifully. Vintage jewellery makers were masters at their crafts, with many using techniques that are now lost.
These pieces were made to the highest standard. 

Antique jewellery pieces are not only for adornment, but also serve as the wearers personal talismans with most pieces having sentimental or symbolic meaning. Antique jewellery often references commonplace objects imbued with secret meanings or beliefs. Each piece of vintage jewellery carries its own story and history, embedded in its stones, shapes, engravings and symbols relating to love,loyalty and courage.

The jewellery pieces at House of Holst were made as long ago as the 1800’s through to more recent items from the 1950’s – 1960’s. When purchasing a piece of vintage jewellery, you can therefore be sure that you are not contributing to the mass production process that is currently wreaking havoc on our planet. 

Essentially, these pieces of jewellery have been in circulation for many years and have not required the use of newly mined materials.  Antique jewellery pieces are classic in their styles, meaning that these pieces will never be considered “out of fashion”. Each era of vintage jewellery has its own unique style relevant to the time. The wearer can easily mix and match old and new styles to create their own fashion look.


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